Dance Workshops

Workshops/Classes in Schools

Workshops in schools can range from a one off full day, a term or to a permanent morning or afternoon per week. Classes can be uniquely tailored to individual requests and requirements. For example classes can be based on a theme/topic or alternatively fun dance classes exploring a range of styles can be devised. We believe that dance in schools is having such a positive impact on the children we currently teach, including improved confidence, enhanced coordination and gives them a fantastically versatile way to express their creativity. For more information just get in touch.

Performance Workshops

Workshops are aimed at children age 5+ and take place in the school holidays. The children have classes in dance, singing, drama, costume and set making, with the final day culminating in an amazing showcase of their talents and creations! It is a fun and exciting packed workshop with the opportunity to grow in confidence, learn new skills, make new friends and most importantly, have fun! Keep an eye out in our news section or on Facebook for updates and information on how to book.